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Does Hypnotherapy Work Online?

Hypnotherapy is a great therapy to receive both face-to-face and online. So, yes, to answer the question, hypnotherapy online does work.

Hypnotherapy is about relaxing and listening to positive suggestions in a trance state to help you strengthen yourself.

Anxiety, depression, and many other mental health issues are on the rise and looking after our mental health is as vital as eating every day.

Right now, all my hypnotherapy sessions are online and there are some great benefits to this. From the practical side, no travelling for you to the emotional side, you get to stay in your comfort zone.

This means it is now easier than ever to have hypnotherapy and boost your mental state.

Hypnotherapy for Good Health In fact, there may even be a correlation between mindset and your immune system. The term is known as psychoneuroimmunology and currently, there are more and more studies being devoted to researching this subject.

Right now, the world seems like it has been turned on its head. No one knows what will happen today, tomorrow, or next week. Every day it appears we have another new rule to follow. The media is constantly filled with COVID19 and it doesn’t look like this will be going away anytime soon.

All this stress and anxiety can mount up, and you might feel you’re only able to live from one moment to the next, unsure if the next few minutes or hours could throw your life into disarray.

Having the mindset to be able to resolve problems, find solutions, and know you’re in control of the situation is the best way forward.

How Can I Help You? Right now, you can find this mindset through hypnotherapy. If anxiety, depression, fear or any other negative issue is affecting your life right now and you want the tools to help you navigate your way through this difficult time, book a session with me, Guy Taylor. You can contact me using the contact button below or drop me an email at I use Google Meets for my hypnotherapy sessions and it is a fully confidential one-to-one session. You only need to make sure you can relax in a chair or on the bed and can see the screen of your device.

Contact me today for more information.

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