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Healing Intent
Enhance your Inner Light
"If you barricade your Mind, you live in the diminishing of Self as opposed to the expansion of Consciousness of Self"
~Master Lau Tzu~


My name is Guy Taylor, and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Surrey. I have been running virtual hypnotherapy sessions throughout lockdown restrictions as far as Europe and America and have continued this throughout the UK with great success as online sessions are proving to be just as effective as in person appointments.


The main thing I offer you is my vast experience in hypnotherapy, being honest and my promise to be nothing but transparent and listening to you and your needs.  Our initial consultation is absolutely free, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions for your own peace of mind and for myself to assess how I am able to help.

I have always gravitated towards working in a caring capacity and this has given me a unique perspective of

social and mental issues.  Through this understanding I have become a highly qualified hypnotherapist able to help my clients with my unique formula.


  • Weight Loss 

  • Hypnotic Gastric Band.

  • Smoking Cessation 

  • Phobias

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Confidence/ Self-Esteem

  • Hypnotherapy for other issues

Want to know more, go to Clinical Hypnotherapy.  If you are ready for a fresh start, wanting to feel more confident and happier within yourself, give me a call on 07957 815 010  or message me via the contact form and book your free initial consultation; there's no obligation to book.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Clinical Hypnotherapy and how I can help you.

Guy Taylor is registered with the Hypnotherapy Directory, the General Hypnotherapy Register, and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council


Please see the full range of holistic therapies available by clicking on each of the images below.  Holistic means Care for the whole person, mind, body and spirit.  The holistic approach to health differs from the conventional medical approach, as it takes into account the whole patient rather than just focusing on the symptom or the part that has the problem and providing the person with a mere band-aid.

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