At the session in the Pyramid, I definitely felt something shift.   The same with Hypnosis, but different.    I loved it, and couldn’t really say why.  Certainly needed the whole day to be quiet.   Pals were enquiring and told them all it was marvellous. 
If I hadn’t known you Guy I may have been a little cautious about Hypnosis, and spiritual friends wondered why I even thought about it.   You probably have encountered this too, I feel this is a misconception as, from a spiritual perspective, it has so much potential and I wanted to delve deeper.    
With PI we exercise parts of the brain to think more intelligently/compassionately.  Certainly after practising everyday for a month or so, I was made  aware of my unintelligent thinking  (negative) and memories would come from the unconscious into thoughts.   I feel this also happened with the Hypnosis.    
Wrote in the journal ‘after many endeavours to find or get AHA moments, had real insights into a problem that I had no conscious awareness of.  One hour of hypnosis was revelatory and now can’t wait to see what further sessions can enhance/unravel’.     
My goal, by whatever method, is to raise my consciousness, get closer to God, whichever term used, in this lifetime, so to this end I would definitely like another Pyranosis session.

Jean Miles - January 2021

I had 2 hypnotherapy sessions with Guy with for different issues.  To be honest I didn't think I would be able to relax yet I was so wrong it was so easy to go into that relaxed state.
My first issue was for my dyslexia, which has been with me all my life, and I am over 70. After I walked away from my session those issues had gone away.
My second session was for my fears around memory loss after reading my course work, like before after the simply session I now have confidence then I would ever have believed was possible. I found that after reading a couple of sentences I had forgotten what I had read, however now I do remember.
So by having these sessions I am so grateful to Guy who's voice is so relaxing and calm throughout a treatment.

Penny Wilson - January 2021

I was sceptical but desperate about hypnotherapy and I knew I had nothing to loose. I trusted you after watching you on the Harry Edwards Healing site, and speaking to  you when I bought my weaver from you.

I began this latest weight journey different this time. I am rapidly approaching my mid 60’s and I have been BIG all of my life, so it was now or never. We started my journey on the 29th October 2020 with confidence and that only grew as time moved on. I have lost 25lbs so far, because of COVID I have not been able to exercise as much as I would like.   I now know that it is up to me what I put in my mouth. The virtual gastric band has been amazing. I can’t eat as much as I used to and I am learning to say NO to foods that I no longer feel are right for me. I can actually feel my tummy expanding when I eat.  With Guy's help I am confident that I will come out of this pandemic a slimmer, healthier and happier person.  I would recommend Guy to anyone. You are safe in his hands.

Thank you Guy. I have only 6lbs then I will have gone through the 3 stone barrier, i.e. started at 14 nearly at 11 stone plus. Those numbers mean a lot. I am unable to see the difference as yet but the next stone I will notice. Keep up with your brilliant work looking forward to the pyramid healing work. Good luck. Love and light.

Janet Taylor - January 2021

I had such a deep healing experience from the face-to-face Pyramid Healing treatment I had, that I was a little sceptical whether the Pyranosis treatment would be as powerful. I have been pleasantly surprised at how deep the healing experience was, so much so, that I have now had several of Pyranosis treatments. Guy has a gentle and calming voice which always drops me into a deep relaxed state in readiness to receive the healing. Words cannot describe how powerful this treatment is. It is something that has to be experienced by oneself. 

Adele - December 2020

I loved the healing session last Saturday, it was such a profound experience. First time really I’ve been able to witness my soul. I have felt more able to slow down and give myself what I need to heal, I guess, and this has helped how I feel overall. Also slowing down and seeing how it could be more helpful to live in the moment and use my senses to experience the life we have been given on this earth to really enjoy and appreciate every moment 

Laura - December 2020

I had two sessions with Guy. The first was very relaxing and the stillness was so calming. I did have issues with my throat, which I felt ease. My second session with Guy (the same day) was unbelievably better than my first………. Thank you so much Guy 

WH - Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary - December 2020

Wonderful, super relaxing. The shoulder pain I had had for a long time, was greatly reduced after only 20 minutes with Guy using the etheric weaver.  

Roz Horsham - November 2020

What an amazing feeling. My daughter pleaded with me to see Guy. I had been feeling nauseous for a long time due to emotional stuff I had going on in my life. As soon as I stepped in to the Pyramid I started to feel an inner calmness very quickly. By the time it came to the end, I felt so relaxed and free. I cannot thank him enough……….. So pleased that I took notice of my daughter

JM - Watford Football - November 2020

I was introduced to Guy at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary by a fellow healer a couple of years ago. Having just built his pyramid, Guy explained how it balanced and aligned our chakras and meridians and also gave, what I would describe, as Consciousness Healing. 

The healing I received in the pyramid healed something beyond the physical, the mental and I experienced an immense sense of peace on a very deep level that I am only able to describe as heavenly or divine. As I slowly returned from the session I felt spiritually refreshed and still connected with the healing experience that had taken place. 

It’s interesting to note that, as a Spiritual Medium, I am used to connecting with our non-physical loved ones etc. in what I shall refer to as a space and place of Divine Consciousness. When coming around from the healing, I found myself exactly there and, without any effort whatsoever, I gave Guy a reading from a family member with an ease I have never experienced before, so whatever healing took place, I know it was exactly what I needed. 

Since then I have been blessed to become friends with Guy and I continue to have regular healing sessions always providing different experiences yet at the same time always being exactly what I need although they feel very different. Guy has an incredible knowledge of healing and is very pleasant, attentive and caring all of which helps you relax and gain the full benefit of why you have gone to see him in the first place. 

It’s essential to remember that this is healing for all needs i.e. emotional, physical and spiritual and assists our experience of living if we feel that something is out of sorts within us. If you have tried other healing modalities and felt that they may not have helped as much as you would have liked, then I would urge you to contact Guy and consider a session of pyramid healing. 

I am very grateful for this experience and consider myself very blessed to have benefitted from the healing that I was unaware I needed. Thank you.

Iain Mason - February 2019

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