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Egyptian Djed

What is Pyranosis?


Pyranosis™ was founded back in the summer of 2019 and given to me via Divine intervention, it literally popped up as a thought in my head to combine Hypnosis and Pyramid Healing instilled with Qabalah healing. 


So what is it exactly?  Pyranosis is Pyramid Healing infused with the energetic frequency of the Ancient Qaballah and the art of Hypnotherapy allowing one to wholly embrace the Self with a wanting to heal approach back to the Light of the Higher Divine Consciousness of Self.  Qa is pronounced Ka, and is derived from Ancient Egyptian, meaning Soul.  

It is literally a combination of Hypnosis and Pyramid Healing using the Subconscious Mind as a springboard to the Higher Self, enabling the individual, through the power of suggestion (hypnosis) to experience the wonderful healing energy in all the Energetic Bodies, both through the use of online working and being physically in the pyramid structure at my Healing Intent practise in Woking, Surrey.


Pyranosis is an accelerated healing process through the unravelling of one's issues stored within the encoded DNA structure of one's BEing - the Divine BluePrint.  It is the process of discovering that we are Life Itself and that healing takes place when we hold ourselves in the Light with a compassion, and an understanding that the art of duality is ingrained within our humanness to elevate ourselves back to the core and the lightness of who we are, enabling us to power walk through Life with an ease never felt before.

It is not your body that makes you, you, but the intricate expression of your Soul that contours both the outer and inner edges of who you choose to become in the density of the human form.

Pyranosis healing literally shifts things at your core.  Much like tending to a garden, the healing enriches the inner soil of your being, your Authentic Self.  By digging up the 'shadow sides' of Self and releasing the old, you allow for the changes and shifts you’ve been striving for to have a better chance to take root.  Just as you fix the soil in your garden, taking out the 'weeds', allowing your plants to breathe and in turn allowing them to flourish and grow, Pyranosis fixes the imbalances in your Tree, your Soul to expand your Awareness and initiate healthy changes so you too can flourish in the Nature of the freeness of Self.

The Power of the Pyramid


The Energy in the Pyramid is constant it never changes. When a foreign body is placed in it, it’s not pure so in order for it to be assimilated in line with the Pyramid’s energy it reads the foreign body and if you will scans it like a blue print, sources the negativity, removes it and replaces it with pure positive energy allowing this to grow within that body.  The Tree of Life is considered the blueprint for all existence, and its various qualities are part of who we are Authentically.  Each specific healing helps to rectify the imbalances in your life — emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Benefits of Pyranosis


​There are many wonderful benefits of Pyranosis Healing. It is a very simple process, but usually produces quite profound effects. The main purpose of a Pyranosis treatment is not only to support the physical body, but also to promote a positive Mind, allowing yourself to dance back to your integrated Authentic SoulSelf with a greater understanding of your Life's Purpose, in turn equating to the acceptance for you to experience more Joy in all areas of your Life. 

  • A profound sense of Relaxation, Peace and Tranquillity

  • Reduces stress and alleviates tension within the Body

  • Lucid and Vivid Dreams, some with vivid colours

  • Clears the mind and improves focus, making one feel more grounded & centred

  • A sense of learning to live in the Moment, a sense of Knowing and a deeper Appreciation for Life

  • Many clients claim increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of Awareness

  • Less anxiety and more self-trust

  • More ease and comfort in relationships

  • A feeling of being truly at home within your Body and your Life

  • Helps relieve pain and supports the physical body healing

  • Dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit

  • Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels

  • Can lower blood pressure

  • Detoxifies both the body and blood

  • Removes negative thoughts and toxins

  • Realigns you with yourself and your Soul awareness

  • Helps activate the pineal gland, the third eye

  • More focused outlook on life as it brings you back into balance

  • Creates harmony with all living beings

  • Clarity of Mind

  • Transcends EGO into Awareness

Etheric Blueprint.jpg

Qabalah Magic......What is it?


Qabalah in Ancient Hebrew means “Secret or Hidden” so using the process of Qabalah Magic offers the person the opportunity to uncover their hidden Self, their Universal Self, the link between themselves and Creation or if you like “The Universe and all the gifts it has to offer."

Qabalah Magic is an Ancient Art, a process of connecting your personal Universe to THE Universe as you are part of it and vice versa. It is a way to discover the hidden treasures that reside deep within you, to help you rediscover your own personal Universal Heaven. 

The below is a culmination of extracts written by the late author Ted Andrews from his book “Simplified Qabala Magic."

"Qabalah Magic is a mixture of Ancient Hebrew teachings and more modern day Jewish Qabalah and Ancient Egyptian religion. The Qabalah is like a map, a Tree of Life map. A map to buried treasures within your mind. It leads to hidden lands within your Consciousness. It’s a map of how the Universe was formed, and how it is part of us and we are part of it.  Without exception. But, we all have the choice to find out more if we so want. Using the mysticism of the Qabalah gives us greater understanding of our spiritual nature and talents and to be able to use them more creatively and positively in our everyday lives."


The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is used as a symbol to represent the human being. The roots, trunk and branches correspond to our Body, Soul and Spirit. This map of Consciousness teaches us how to heal and stabilise all three systems of the Tree allowing our energy to flow freely, vibrantly and healthy.

Everything in life is connected

The symbol of the Tree of Life is commonly depicted as a large tree with roots that spread inward into the ground of Mother Earth, and branches that spread outward to the sky reaching out to the celestial heavens. This represents the interconnected nature of all things in the Cosmic Universe; an eternal bonding of the physical realm we are rooted in, and the spiritual realm we are reaching for. The Tree of Life serves as a reminder of our universal connection to Mother Earth, who loves us unconditionally, and our dependence on her to allow us to grow and flourish, for lest we forget we are all One, we originate from the same Spark of Light, the same Energy Source as every living breathing Conscious sentient being in the Universe - for everything is Energy and everything is ever-evolving Consciousness.

A symbol of re-birth

As seasons move from autumn to the darker days of winter, many trees will enter a stage of hibernation with leaves gently dwindling and softly touching the ground, leaving but a carpet of beautiful fall leaves, eventually being swept away by the howling winds and showers of rain. When spring emerges once again, trees will slowly re-awaken, re-emerge from their long slumber, sprouting tiny buds, before blossoming through Life throughout the warmer breeze and gentle flow of summer.  Humanity differs not much from the life cycle of trees, for our lives may experience both seasons of darkness and light, death and re-birth and thus the Tree of Life represents a re-birth, a re-awakening, a letting go of the old, with space  for the new to enter our lives, with a breath of positive energy and zest for new beginnings.

A symbol of personal growth, strength and beauty

The Tree of Life is a representation of our own personal development, our uniqueness and Divine beauty.  Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences as we move through the seasons of Life. All trees begin life in the same way, as little seedlings in the ground, yet as they grow older, and weather nature’s forces, they each develop in their own unique and beautiful ways.

The healing that comes through the Tree is for anyone who longs to feel more connected and in better relationship with themselves, harnessing the Power of their True I AM, learning to have a better relationship with others and with The Divine Energetic Source of All-That-Is.

According to Qabalah, there is nothing, no one, nowhere that exists without the presence of this exhilarating energetic force that creates and sustains all of Existence.  The more we learn to align ourselves with that truth, the easier we are able to go with the flow of all of life, no longer needing to split the world into conditioned paradigms or wanting to try and control every aspect of it, unlike that salmon desperately trying to keep pace at swimming upstream.


To conjure but your inner Awareness is to Question all and everything

To receive but the Answers is to expand both inwards and outwards

But one must believe, for the fortification of Believe is what solidifies the I AM Presence in God Source Energy – the Allah as derived, from the El and Elah, the Hebrew and Aramaic words for God






Aspire to Learn, to Love yourself Authentically in the Here and now

~The Divine~


Pyranosis will hep you to uncover the Infinite levels of Consciousness within the Tree of Life, within your Soul, enhanced with the energetic frequency waves of the Healing Pyramid and undercurrent of Hypnotherapy and with regular sessions it can become an amazing tool to enhance your Life in every aspect and on every level.

CONTACT ME to find out more, check PRICES or to book a session.

Egyptian Tree of Life
Tree of Life
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