The Healer Magazine - Summer  2019 - Harry Edwards Sanctuary - pg24-25


May 2018 - Interviewed by Birgitta Visser for her channel, discussing Pyramid & Crystal weaver healing and his journey onto the path of healing having been on a pilgrimage to Brazil 

18 September 2020 - Origins of the Ancients - discussing the Galactics and how this ties into the current climate and the current state of affairs, the show also included live readings.  The link will take you to the FB page

22 December 2020 - A special Winter Solstice Pyramid Ascension Meditation with Guy Taylor 

19 January 2021 - An evening of Channelling, Mediumship and Pyranosis Meditation 

01 February 2021 - Cygnus Café - Pyramid Ascension / Pyranosis Meditation with Guy Taylor 

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