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Clinical Hypnotherapies

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that is based on the premise that the mind and body do not work in isolation. By sending the patient into a hypnotic state, the therapist aims to trigger the body's mental and physical self-healing processes that lie in the subconscious. 


Hypnotherapy can help you to understand the root cause of this disorder and how those negative feelings can be reduced.


Pyranosis is an accelerated healing process through the unravelling of one's issues stored within the encoded DNA structure of one's BEing - the Divine BluePrint enabling one to a greater understanding of Self and an expansion in Awareness, allowing the Self to live a more abundant life in all ways.  Pyranosis is Pyramid Healing infused with the energetic frequency of the Ancient Qaballah and the art of Hypnotherapy allowing one to wholly embrace the Self with a wanting to heal approach.

Pyramid Healing

Pyramid healing is an alternative healing practice that is based on the concept that the shape of the pyramid provides a means of tapping into the healing energy that surrounds every living thing, realigning oneself back to the grid of Self.  It helps in achieving deep meditative states and accelerating healing on the spiritual, mental, and the physical levels.  The pyramid is a great enhancer to everything within your Life as it expands your level of Awareness and an understanding to the world around you.

Etheric Weavers

The Etheric Weaver® awakens the Soul or Buddha Nature - the divine, enlightened essence within all Life. It helps you transform your life enjoying a quieter mind, calmer emotions and more vitality - healing physical, emotional and mental problems and supporting you to have a more caring, virtuous and loving reality in your daily life. Using an Etheric Weaver® for meditation and healing on a daily basis helps to protect from astral influences, de-crystallize negative patterns or habits and truly heal mind, body and emotions.  

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