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Etheric Weavers

Etheric Weavers

The Art of Etheric Weavering®

The Etheric Weaver® is based around a 2.5" (6cm) laboratory grown, double terminated, pure quartz crystal with pyramid cut ends with 2 neodymium rare earth magnets placed at the center and wrapped in Coated Copper or 12 Gold-fill wire.

Etheric Weavers are wonderful tools for daily meditation, healing and self-healing. They naturally balance and align one's chakras and meridians, having a transcendental effect on the user and are a great tool for long distance healing by using a photo and/or name. They can be used for space clearing of any kind as it clears, blesses and harmonizes the space it works with. Also a great booster for your plants, healing on animals and energising food, water and other things as they transform, transmute and protect from lower vibrational energies, with the beauty being that a weaver never needs to be energetically cleared or cleansed for it does so itself.

An etheric crystal weaver re-aligns and rebalances your chakras, and brings you into a state of deep mental relaxation.  Once elevated to this relaxed state of expanded consciousness you will be able to gain insights into certain areas in your life, clear emotional obstacles, or simply reconnect with your own blueprint allowing you to refocus on your goals in life.

The Etheric Weaver is used to naturally balance and align chakra energies and each colour creates a specific frequency that resonates with the body and realigns the energy field in the etheric layer.


Subconsciously you are aware of what you want and who you are, you simply need a little “magic” to help you remember and to give you that spiritual boost to make it happen.​​

Many people think that you choose an Etheric Weaver but in actual fact the Etheric Weaver chooses you.

CLICK HERE to find out what the different coloured crystals represent, however remember that sometimes it is good to just allow yourself to be drawn to a crystal weaver and if you feel that you want that crystal weaver to be a part of your life, it is likely that on some level it also has something to offer you. 

CONTACT ME to find out more.

  • The Etheric Weaver is a Divine Etheric Clearing Crystal that draws in universal energy and transfers it to the individual through the chakras dispersing it throughout the meridian system.

  • An Etheric Weaver is a transmitter and receiver made of crystals, copper and magnets that opens and balances blockages in the etheric field to release negativity.

  • It works to revitalize, realign, regenerate and raise the level of one's vibrations exponentially

Benefits of an Etheric Weaver and/or a Distant Etheric Healing Session
  • A Remote Etheric Weaving Session is designed to strengthen one's Chi and attune the meridian system and natural magnetic field of the body as it balances and purifies the body’s energy systems.

  • During a session, the Etheric Weaver resonates with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and works telepathically to align and balance the etheric bodies and chakras.

  • Remote Etheric Weaving Sessions are amazingly effective at healing on a Physical, Emotional and even Psychological levels, many times with long term results.

  • On a physical level, wounds heal rapidly. *Many ailments and dis-eases can experience noticeable benefit from Remote Etheric Weaver Sessions.

  • It awakens the inner Light to begin radiating out to those one loves and appreciates; healing past life karma and attracting right relationships based on true love, not dependency.

  • Furthermore, it increases one's level of Awareness and Understanding of the world around us and allows us to be more open towards others.

  • The Etheric Weaver doesn't cause energy to build up. You can feel comfortable and trust that the process is absolutely harmless and does not cause any negative effects.

  • For many, it is noted the most profound effect from of receiving a Remote Etheric Weaving Session is that it  "It increases one's faith in in Self and one's faith in humanity.

Benefits of Etheric Weavered Water
Water Weaver.jpg

The Etheric Weaver has a host of benefits when holding it over water:-

  • It increases water concentration in cells

  • Assists in removal of toxins and “cleaning” of organism

  • Rejuvenates skin

  • Increases vitality

  • Speeds up healing processes and rehabilitation of organism

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Anti-stress effects

  • Healing without interference with organism (self-healing)

  • Helps heal skin, digestive disorders

If you are interested in an etheric weaver or have any questions - CONTACT ME to find out more.

2.5" (6.5cm) Etheric Weaver®

1.75" Etheric Weavers® to Wear

Healing Qualities of Etheric Weavers

The Etheric Weavers® all work similarly but are available in a choice of 10 different colours - like taking flower essences, use your intuition to see which weaver draws you in.  Click the below magnifying glass to expand view.

Etheric Weavers definition.png

~with thanks to Shambhala Healing Tools~

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