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COVID-19 “The Party Gatecrasher” versus Hypnosis

COVID-19 The Party Gatecrasher is everywhere. Today I want to talk about its impact on our lives.

So, how are we all doing out there?

Yes I know it feels like same ole same ole……!!!!!

Ever organised or tried to organise a surprise party? It can be an absolute nightmare making sure it doesn’t leak out and spoil the surprise.

Well, imagine it’s the evening of the event, all the guests are gathered secretly in another room. The doorbell goes, everybody is straining not to make a sound in readiness for the surprise.

You open the door and……. WHAT!!!! It’s the one person you certainly didn’t want there. You know the “The Gatecrasher” the one that brings the cheap bottle of plonk or 4 cans of crappy beer.

The one who heads for the decent falling down water and proceeds to fill their face with the food. You don’t want to make a fuss because the special guest has just arrived.


Well, moving forward to the end of the party, and despite the uninvited guest, the party has gone well. Now it’s time for everyone to leave. Imagine everybody has gone……….except one!!

You know people that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Except this ain’t a person, it’s called COVID-19. And it’s messing up our parties our lives in ways that we could never have foreseen at the start of 2020.

Well, now its time to kick this unwanted guest in to touch.

So people in order to get your lives back on track, have you thought of trying Hypnotherapy. It can make a real difference to your life in so many ways, especially with all the current uncertainty.

Take a look at my website and see if you need help with confidence, anxiety, stress and much more. See what and how hypnosis can be your real friend and help you to deal with this unwanted party guest.

Don’t let COVID-19 The Party Gatecrasher ruin your life.

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