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A Weight off your Mind

Have you decided to take up boxing?

Oh, you haven’t…!!!

So, what’s with the weight gain then?

Aha, so it’s the result of lockdown now is it?

Has COVID-19 taken you along the path of expansion in the wrong way…!!!???

I know it happened to me too, and I am 174 cms tall or 5’8.5” in old money, and was just over 15 stones (210lbs) or 95.45kilos for our metric friends. And get this, I don’t even come from a big built family.

Because of the extra weight, I was mostly out of breath, my knee joints ached, especially when negotiating with the stairs, none of my clothes fit and to say I looked like Mr Blobby was a total understatement. Truth be told I wouldn’t have worried about my weight if I was the same height as my son 195.5 cms. or for those amongst us of the old fraternity, 6’ 5”.

So, I decided that if I was going to go on this imaginary Boxing career, I needed to lose weight BIG TIME in order to go toe to toe with COVID-19 and other life challenges in order to win all my matches.

First off, I went along the dieting route and although initial results were encouraging, it did feel like purgatory at times. And not being the most patient person in the world, I was like, “When AM I going to get to my goal? Know what I mean?” It was then that I decided to go down the route of Hypnotherapy.

Truthfully, it made sense really, as a practicing Hypnotherapist I really should be helping myself in the same way I’ve been helping others. I decided to see a fellow Hypnotherapist I knew (in this case a lady) who I have the greatest respect for and “Hey Presto”,I dropped out of the light heavy weight division and I’m now punching in the light middleweight league.

I’ve lost close to 3 stones in weight, or just under 42lbs (19.1 kilos). The difference is amazing, I feel so much better in every aspect of myself.

However, the real add on bonus for me was that from a health perspective I’ve now been able to come off my blood pressure medication, but only after a very positive consultation with my GP, who by the way was very very pleased with my incorporated life changes.

We agreed that I would do a check-up every 3 months, with a week of morning and evening BP readings, and if they were on or below my recommended levels, I can continue with not taking my meds – so as you can see – a REAL bonus.

At the end of the day, our body is a temple hence we should treat it as such. It’s an attitude or mind set towards both our food and drink intake, which can ultimately have a profound and powerful effect on how we function as a human being.

This is where Hypnosis can step up to the mark and be our champion, our cause to take on the Super Heavyweights of temptation.

BUT, it takes two……. You need a really good second, fighting in your corner too, in order to deliver the ultimate knockout punch. Yes, that’s right it’s a two-way street. In order for you and Hypnosis to stay on top of this permanently you’ve gotta want this to work.

So, if you want to get out of your funk, let me help you achieve the right mind set, so that you too can feel good and vibrant about yourself, not to mention that others will be amazed at the new invigorated you. I have various options for people to try out at this time, and none of them involve dieting.

Intrigued? Why not take a look at my website.

See what you think……….. It could change your life.

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