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How are you coping?

How are you coping during the COVID19 crisis?

Are you coping during the crisis? In my hypnotherapy practice, I meet plenty of clients with various problems they want to change. The main problem I am seeing in clients now is stress and anxiety over the current pandemic. New rules and guidelines are appearing nearly every week, and many are struggling to keep up.

How are You dealing with it?

Are you dealing with it?

Do you feel resigned to the fact that COVID19 has changed your life in a way that makes you feel that your life is not your own anymore?

Do you have any thoughts or ideas on how you would like to be able to use the time you now have that you didn’t have prior to lockdown?

Do you see yourself on a downward spiralling motion as the only way your life is heading?

ALL of these questions are constantly on the minds of everybody on this planet in some way or another.

But there is one key question above all others: What can you do about this to help make a difference in your life.

What if we took the word COVID and broke it down?

In a negative light, what could the word mean to you?

  • C = Contagious – in its worst-case “Highly infectious.”

  • O = Odious – Extremely unpleasant, even “Repulsive.”

  • V = Virulent – Very harmful or “Severe.”

  • I = Invasive – Spreads quickly, harmfully and “Undesirably”

  • D = Destructive – Causing great and in some cases “Irreparable Damage.”

How Can Hypnotherapy Change Your Outlook?

#Hypnotherapy is well known for helping you to change how you react to a problem.

So, let’s look at the word COVID from a POSITIVE perspective and once more break it down.

What could it stand for?

  • C = Confidence – A feeling of achieving “Great things.”

  • O = Outgoingness – An attitude in which a person’s interest is not only directed at themselves but also to benefit others.

  • V = Vibrant – Full of energy, love, joy and life.

  • I = Interactive – A positive influence and mindset, not only for you but others too.

  • D = Drive – Being ambitious, wanting to succeed, to overcome obstacles, believing in yourself and helping others to believe in themselves too.

How Would You Like To See The World?

I’ve shown you how to look at the current #COVID crisis through a negative and positive perspective. Ask yourself, which side of the fence do you want to be on?

Hypnotherapy can be a great option to help you deal with the crisis and to embrace positivity.

Now you’ve read this blog, you now know you have a choice. If you feel it’s time for a change for the better, contact me today and find out what hypnotherapy can do for you.

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